Corporate Finance

At TF Partners we can work with our clients to ensure that their critical corporate transactions are successful transactions which have been undertaken based on the right decision-making process.

TF Partners can assist you with the following corporate transactions:


Business acquisitions

If you are looking to buy or invest in a business, it is essential that you examine the business carefully before you proceed with the acquisition or investment. There are a lot risks involved in running a business, and so as a potential buyer or investor, you should undertake due diligence on the business that you would like to acquire or invest in so that your risk is mitigated.

TF Partners can provide due diligence services to help you identify and manage transaction risks. We can work closely with your legal advisers to ensure any key issues that could impact your business are dealt with swiftly and efficiently.


Sale of business

When our clients make the decision to sell all or part of their business, we can assist them to help plan and execute a strategy, so that they can maximise their returns and mitigate the after sale risks.

Our business sale services, may involve:

  • Assisting you to value your business
  • Preparing and running a data room for potential buyers to complete their due diligence
  • Negotiating the price and terms of the deal
  • Ensuring the contract terms cover all aspects of the sale and provide protection


Business Valuations

TF Partners has extensive experience is preparing well researched, industry specific reports which are supported by appropriate valuation principles and robust methodologies. We take into full consideration and account of the financial and business opportunities along with the associated risk and impairment-related issues in conducting the valuation.

Our business valuations may be used by clients for the following purposes:

  • Acquiring a business
  • Business sales or mergers
  • Restructuring
  • Raising funds from public or private markets
  • For tax compliance purposes such as capital gains and stamp duty
  • Shareholder disputes


Capital Structuring

TF Partners work with our clients to provide them with guidance about the optimal debt/equity position to suit their goals and objectives.

We have strong relationships with banks and other financiers so that we can help direct our clients to an appropriate resource when additional funding is required for their business.

We can also assist our clients in restructuring their equity holdings. TF Partners can assist clients in preparing and providing advice about shareholder agreements when clients are looking to bring on new investors. This advice considers the long-term holding and exit strategies for these investors.


IPOs and capital markets

We can provide our clients with guidance and advice in relation to listing their business on the stock exchange. This may be through an initial public offering (IPO) or merging with a listed company.

TF Partners can provide our clients with advice on the current state of the capital markets, and can provide guidance about all facets of the IPO process.

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