Business Lending

Running a business successfully involves having strong cash flow to fund business growth.  To assist with cash flow, there are a number of finance solutions which TF Partners can assist you with, including:

  • Cash Flow Loans

– Unsecured short to medium term loans for additional cash, utilising the business for security

  • Secured Business Loans

– You can use assets held, such as property, to secure medium terms cash loans for the purpose of injecting funds into your current business or to start a new business venture

  • Business Overdraft

– Overdraft facilities allow you to overdraw funds from a bank account, up to a certain limit. This is suitable for businesses with fluctuating cash flows, as it allows for more flexible repayments

  • Invoice Finance

– This type of finance uses the balance of your businesses trade receivables like security, so you can borrow the funds which you should be receiving from your trade debtors.

There are a variety of factors which influence the terms of these types of commercial lending. TF Partners have the experience to assist you with finding the best type of funding for your business needs.


Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Loans

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds are a way for you to choose how to best invest your superannuation. It is possible to use finance to assist growing your superannuation investments, as long as the correct structure is set up. TF Partners have experience in setting up these structures to allow for borrowing arrangements either with banks or other parties.

Before entering into any loan arrangement, we would analyse the expected future cash projections and put together a strategy to ensure the fund is able to repay a loan while also generating a positive cash flow. The general strategy for all superannuation funds is to grow wealth to assist with your future retirement. Ideally, any loan taken out by a superannuation fund should be repaid before your retirement, to reduce the costs of living during your retirement.

There are limited banks which lend to self-managed superannuation funds, however there are other lending options available. An option is to borrow money personally and on-lend this to the self-managed superannuation fund, or utilise your business to borrow money to on-lend to your superannuation fund.

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