Asset Finance

TF Partners can assist you personally or in business by providing you with the funds to buy the equipment you need.

This could be beneficial for your cash flow, or to ensure your business can keep running when cash funding is not an option.

There are different types of loans depending on the asset which you are purchasing, which may include different loan features such as a balloon payment at the end of the terms, making repayments either in advance or in arrears. Interest rates may vary depending on the type of asset being purchased.

TF Partners can assist by making sure you understand the tax treatment of purchasing assets through finance, such as:

  • Immediate deduction for assets under $30,000 for small businesses even when financed
  • Interest tax deductions
  • Immediate deduction for upfront finance costs

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TF Partners is constantly evolving and developing alongside our clients, to provide a holistic range of services including Accounting, Business Advisory, Wealth Management and Finance. With our depth of expertise, we provide our breadth of services to a diverse range of clients across an array of industry sectors.